Version 1.5 Update

This update was originally finished on December 13th, but couldn't be uploaded until now due to the game jam going on. This is a copy of the update log from a private subreddit me and my friends have. All versions except the current version will only be uploaded in their no-RTP formats.

Well, that didn't last long. Turns out that, when I finally actually got some people to play my game, they found that it was pretty fucking broken. And also boring.

This is the last update unless I'm feeling bored or masochistic enough to do another one. Best to just move on to other things at this point, because I can't think of anyway to make this work at this point.


*You can now enter the Storehouse after you kill the Lass.

*The Big House is more open during it's second phase. Don't really know why I did this but I did.

*You're given a less obvious clue when you're sent to find the key. I did this last update and forgot to mention it so I'm just putting it here.

*Slight lag reduction in the StartHouse hallway because why not.

*If, through some dumb shit I've missed, you're still able to bring the lass with you, she is removed from the party on reset. Hopefully that'll help.


*You can no longer perform a glitch to bring the lass with you for the rest of the game.

*You longer get some specific text after entering the AptBathroom after expunging the Panicker.

Nobody's actually going to play this game, or read this update, at this point, so I don't really know why I care. Probably going to stop fixing bugs from now on.


heathenV1.5.exe 188 MB
Dec 21, 2017
heathenV1.5NORTP.exe 1 MB
Dec 21, 2017

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