Version 1.2 Released (+ Obvious Announcement)

Alright, version 1.2! Finished this a little late, but hey, it's done!

I was able to squish a couple more of the bugs in this version, so hopefully this final game-jam version will be mostly oversight-free! I know it's not completely oversight-free, but hey, I'm getting there.


*Minor graphical fixes that completely went over my head last time.

*Made the overworld transfers EVEN SMOOTHER. THEY'RE LIKE MOTHERF***ING BUTTER.

*Made the walking cycles in cutscenes more clean. They aren't as jerky as they were before.

*Added a new dialogue exchange that makes the main goal of the game a little more... Obvious. My playtesters had a difficult time understanding the end-goal, so there it is.

*Removed the update to the "tallies", because it kinda detracts from the ending.


*You are no longer asked to throw the brick twice in some circumstances.

*The Lass now puts her gun down in every circumstance

*Fixed a MAJOR softlock (Or, as I stupidly called it in the last update, "brick") in the apartment (AGAIN), that was caused by not killing the Panicker, and then resetting. Most of my problems just seem to be in the apartment, I swear.

*THE MANSION HAS BEEN COMPLETELY OVERHAULED. New changes were added, broken stuff was fixed, the works. It is now a much better scripted area.

*More lag reduction in the field area, though it is still EXTREMELY LAGGY. Considering how major of an area it is, I probably should've put more work into it. Oh, well.


JUST BECAUSE NEW VERSIONS OF THIS GAME WON'T BE ENTERED INTO THE GAME JAM, DOESN'T MEAN I'M GOING TO STOP UPDATING THIS GAME. There's a lot that still needs to be fixed, and there's a lot that I want to add that I couldn't. So, if you're reading this, don't fret! You got at least one more update coming your way!


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Nov 06, 2017

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Forgot to say this originally, but I also made some minor changes to the menus, most noticeably the main menu. It's ALL lowercase now, and some of the options are more understandable.