A downloadable game

An experiment in dissonance.


*Two endings, which you get depending on how much effort you put into the game and it's puzzles.

*An open world, that allows you to complete the game in multiple different orders.

*A unique mechanic that changes the way you look at the game.

*97% Handmade graphics.

*A painstakingly-written story and dialogue - almost every unique object can be interacted with for unique dialogue, and you can get different dialogue depending on the order in which you do events.

A short, 30-minute game made by a single person, over the course of roughly ~100 hours (+15 to make Version 1.2, the jam version, and another 10 for the current). This is the developer's first game, made in vanilla RPGMaker VX Ace. Enjoy.

(If you find any bugs, please report them in the form below. I think I've got them all, but you never know for sure.)

Install instructions

Download 1.5, the current version. It should work without RTP even if you don't have RTP, but this is untested and I do not know for sure. May want to use the RTP version just in case.

All the other versions are there for archival reasons, by the way.


heathenV1.2.exe 188 MB
heathenV1.3NORTP.exe 1 MB
heathenV1.4NORTP.exe 1 MB
heathenV1.5NORTP.exe 1 MB
heathenV1.5.exe 188 MB

Development log